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Imagine if you could eliminate the tangle of wires that snake across a hospital patient’s body, so machines can monitor his or her vital signs. Sounds like a great idea… !!!

But wirelessly transmitting data from the patient to the machines cluttering hospital rooms creates the risk of electromagnetic interference.So we are proposing Li-Fi technology… !!!

LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission.

Wireless transmission from medical devices frees up patients so they can move around rather than being tethered to one spot. And using light rather than radio frequencies avoids interference on a crowded radio spectrum.

“There’s actually vast opportunities in visible light communications”

Cloud Robotics!!!Robot-and-cloud-computing

Cloud robotics is a field of robotics that attempts to invoke cloud technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centred around the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services for robotics.

Robots can leverage clouds to do massive data processing and exchange information with other robots in real time. Cloud robotics has the potential of freeing robots from computing constraints and giving robots “big enough brains” to deal with challenging situations that they couldn’t deal with before. Advances in big data are also being embraced by the robotics community to deal with the massive data generated by sensor-rich robots.

A paralyzed Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient uses a brain implant to steer a computer cursor to various targets


Typing six words per minute may not sound very impressive. But for paralyzed people typing via a brain-computer interface (BCI), it’s a new world record.

In this device, paralyzed people using prosthetics implanted in their brains to control computer cursors with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Super-Efficient Electric Ceiling Fans with Infrared Remote Controls

“Most people are not aware that ceiling fans in India consume 12,000MW of electricity. With an efficient ceiling fan like Superfan, consumers can save thousands of megawatts of power for India by reducing this demand to 6000MW”

In a tropical country like India where energy-hungry common appliances are used continuously round the year, super-efficient ceiling fans can have an enormous effect on energy savings for consumers. So presented here is a fan that consumes less than half the power of an ordinary fan and thus proves to be an investment that saves huge amount of energy and money in its lifetime. Superfan also comes with a remote control powered by infrared technology, which not only provides ease of use but also enhances efficiency by eliminating regulator and its associated power losses.

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