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Verilog is a hardware description language (HDL) that is commonly used to model digital circuits and systems. It is also very useful for verification of analog and mixed-signal circuits. The syntax is somewhat similar to the C programming language. Verilog has evolved as a standard hardware description language. Verilog offers many useful features for hardware design. it is easy to learn and easy to use as it is similar to C Programming language. Designers with C Programming experience will find it easy to learn Verilog. As the leading VLSI training company, Rapid Techs is committed to providing leading-edge training and project services to System Verilog users. Bookmark us for your Verilog based VLSI design and Research!

Some of the latest IEEE VLSI Verilog Research Topics are listed below


2015 IEEE transactions 

  • Fault Tolerant Parallel Filters Based on Error Correction Codes
  • Fully Reused VLSI Architecture of FM0_Manchester Encoding Using SOLS
  • Fast Sign Detection Algorithm for the RNS Moduli Set
  • Partially Parallel Encoder Architecture for Long Polar Codes
  • Low-Power Programmable PRPG With Test Compression Capabilities
  • Energy-Efficient Approximate Multiplication for Digital Signal Processing and Classification Applications
  • A Class of SEC-DED-DAEC Codes Derived From Orthogonal Latin Square Codes
  • Arithmetic-Based Binary-to-RNS Converter
  • High-Throughput Finite Field Multipliers Using Redundant Basis for FPGA and ASIC Implementations
  • A Synergetic Use of Bloom Filters for Error Detection and Correction
  • An Efficient Constant Multiplier Architecture Based on Vertical-Horizontal Binary Common Sub-expression Elimination Algorithm for Reconfigurable FIR Filter Synthesis
  • An Accuracy-Adjustment Fixed-Width Booth Multiplier





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