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Image processing is a method to convert an image into digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. It is a type of signal dispensation in which input is image, like video frame or photograph and output may be image or characteristics associated with that image. Usually Image Processing system includes treating images as two dimensional signals while applying already set signal processing methods to them. Digital image processing deals with manipulation of digital images through a digital computer. It is a sub field of signals and systems but focus particularly on images.

We provide fundamental concepts and techniques for digital image processing and the software principles used in their practical implementation. The expert and efficient engineers of Rapid Techs familiarize you with image creation, manipulation, arithmetic, morphology, and other operations, with examples of real-world applications. Rapid Techs handle IEEE Transactions on Image Processing focuses on signal-processing aspects of image processing, imaging systems, and image scanning, display, and printing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the mathematical, statistical, and perceptual modeling, representation, formation, coding, filtering, enhancement, restoration, rendering, halftoning, search, and analysis of images, video, and multidimensional signals.

Some of the featured IEEE Research projects are listed below

2015 IEEE Transactions

Face Recognition Across Non-Uniform Motion Blur, Illumination, and Pose

Image Denoising by Exploring External and Internal Correlations

Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection Application to Iris, Fingerprint,and Face Recognition

Multi-task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition

Weighted Guided Image Filtering

Continuous Depth Map Reconstruction From Light Fields

Double Line Image Rotation

Adaptive Metric Learning for Saliency Detection

Removing Camera Shake via Weighted Fourier Burst Accumulation

Compressive Bilateral Filtering

Progressive Halftone Watermarking Using Multilayer Table Lookup Strategy

Multiview Alignment Hashing for Efficient Image Search

Saliency-Based Color Accessibility

On Local Prediction Based Reversible Watermarking

Sorted Consecutive Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification

PISA Pixelwise Image Saliency by Aggregating Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures With Edge-Preserving Coherence

Latent Fingerprint Enhancement via Multi-Scale Patch Based Sparse Representation

Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis

Projection-Based Polygonality Measurement

Featured Projects

Effective Contrast-Based Dehazing for Robust Image Matching

Mixed Noise Removal by Weighted Encoding With Sparse Nonlocal Regularization

Hierarchical Prediction and Context Adaptive Coding for Lossless Color Image Compression

An Advanced Moving Object Detection Algorithm

Designing an Efficient Image Encryption-Then-Compression System via Prediction Error Clustering and Random Permutation

A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations


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