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Rapid Techs is the No.1 academic project centre providing excellent training in Robotics, Embedded Systems, Embedded Linux and other latest innovative technologies. Many engineering students show lot of interest to do the projects based on embedded systems in their final year. We are experts in designing embedded systems with 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, Raspberry Pi controllers. We assist B Tech & Mtech  students to implement the latest IEEE projects based on embedded system.

Some of the latest IEEE 2015 Transactions on Embedded Systems are listed below

Role Of Integrated Virtual Elearning System For Distance Learning Students
Basic Obedience Training With Your Dogtra E-Collar
Implementation Of A Mobile Robot For People Following
The Intelligent Pill Box — Design And Implementation
Gunshot Location Systems The Transfer Of The Sniper Detection Technology From Military To Civilian Applications
Mr.Tacton (Mbedded Red Tacton)
Intrabody Communication For Human Area Network Application
Detection Of And Compensation For Emg Disturbances For Powered Lower Limb Prosthesis Control
Efficient Tracking Of Industrial Equipments Using A Wi-Fi Based Localization System
Design And Implementation Of Low-Power Location Tracking System Based On IEEE 802.11
A Novel Upper Limb Rehabilitation System With Hand Exoskeleton Mechanism
Adaptive Knee Joint Exoskeleton Based On Biological Geometries
Smarttouch: A Cost-Effective Infrared Based Imaging Touch Screen
Trystrokes: Learning On A Digital Canvas To Paint In The Real World
Virtual Hand-Button Interaction In A Generic Virtual Reality Flight Simulator
Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy For Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Design And Analysis Of Hip Joint Parallel Rehabilitation Mechanism
Acquisition And Processing Real-Time Emg Signals For Prosthesis Active Hand Movements
Robust Automatic Measurement Of 3d Scanned Models For The Human Body Fat Estimation
Immune Ant Colony Optimization Network Algorithm For Multi-Robot Path Planning
Entertainment Lighting Control Network Standardization To Support Vlc Services
Smart Irrigation Controller
Mrts: A Robust And Scalable Architecture For Metro Rail Ticketing System
Replacement Of TTE In The Railway Department With The Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Tree Climbing Robot (Treebot)
Effects Of Stratum Corneum And Conductive Gel Properties On Sensory Afferents Recruitment By 3d Tens Computational Modeling
A Lane-Level Broadcasting Scheme Using Beam-Forming For Intelligent Transportation Systems
Application Of Embedded Systems With A Universal Plotter
Drag-And-Type: A New Method For Typing With Virtual Keyboards On Small Touchscreens
Consideration And Evaluation Of Benefits Of Human Shaped Service Robots [The Report Of Experimental Introduction To A Shopping Center]
Film Bulk Acoustic Biosensor For Detection Of Trace Pesticide Residues In Agricultural Product


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