Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides us means of accessing the applications as utilities over the Internet. It allows us to create, configure, and customize the applications online. The term Cloud refers to a Network or Internet. The most common cloud computing service models are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.
Cloud Computing offers online development and deployment tools, programming runtime environment through PaaS model. It is highly cost effective because it operates at high efficiency with optimum utilization. It just requires an Internet connection. Cloud can provide services over public and private networks, i.e., WAN, LAN or VPN.

Rapid Techs handles academic projects for the students of MTech, Btech, MSc, BSc, Diploma in the domain of Computer Science. Software engineers in Rapid Techs familiarize you with Cloud Computing to manipulating, configuring, and accessing the hardware and software resources remotely. We provide fundamental concepts on certain services and models working behind the scene making the cloud computing feasible and accessible to end users and various techniques such as virtualization, Service-oriented architecture, Grid computing, Utility computing with the reference of latest IEEE Transactions.