Automation is the technique or a controlling process by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum. Automated machinery may range from simple sensing devices to robots and other sophisticated equipment. The evolution of controllers and automation has been developing and still continue to develop to these days. Reasons to automate include the presence of a hazardous working environment and the high cost of human labor. So automate processes in order to reduce production time, increase manufacturing flexibility, reduce costs, eliminate human error, or make up for a labor shortage.

Rapid Techs give you an opportunity to make your own device or system with the help of Engineers by giving you proper guidance and technical oriented classes. We help you to develop your knowledge in working of various sensors, features of different micro controllers and communication method and experience in automation of single operation to automation of an entire system. Latest IEEE publications based on 2015 or 2016 are available for M Tech, B tech, M Sc, B Sc students to fulfill their final year projects.

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